International symposium on the topic of Higher Education 2030

<<ENGLISH>> The pandemic and its effects have also affected higher education.
This past year has brought up a number of questions which will be the focus of this symposium, organised by Macromedia University.

In a discussion round, to which I have also been invited, we will examine the development of higher education in general and also which aspects of change have been pushed forward, which have been delayed and which have perhaps been completely restructured by the pandemic. What does the longer-term future look like, and what signs of the future can we already see today?

The session on „New Entrants‘ & Incumbents‘ Roles“ will focus on several key questions. On the one hand, we will discuss the roles of traditional universities and their changes, as well as the opportunities that may arise for private higher education institutions. Can new actors enter the higher education sector and which roles will the big digital global players take on?
What other skills do educational institutions need to develop and what skills do they need to pass on in order to cope with the world of the future?

If you are interested, you can attend the symposium for free after registering. The sessions will also be recorded and provided after the event.

Time: Wednesday, 09.12.2020 2:55PM – 3:40PM

You can find more information and the programme here!

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