Handbook on Quality and Standardization in E-Learning

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Jan M. Pawlowski (2006)

Handbook on Quality and Standardization in E-Learninghandbook-qands

Quality and standardization in E-learning have become crucial success factors for organizations in learning, education and training: E-Learning has changed from an ‘early adopter’ stage to an integrated part of learning scenarios leading to major changes in educational organizations towards quality orientation.

For building a knowledge society, it is critically important to thoroughly understand quality and standards in e-learning. The handbook provides a cross-national perspective on these issues and draws a clear picture of the situation in quality development and standardization. It covers topics of a rather foundational nature in quality and standardization research as well as descriptions of quality approaches, instruments, standards, experiences and best practices. The Handbook is directed to learners, professionals, researchers and policy makers – people creating the next generation of learning.

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