From Shutdown to NextNormal – Podcasts about the future of higher education from the perspective of students

Many things have changed for students all over the world due to the lockdown. How they felt during the shutdown, what problems and challenges they faced and how they could grow and learn from them was the topic of our podcast „Studium im Shutdown„.

But what happens after the lockdown? And how did the restrictions affect students in other European countries?

We have expanded our podcast and are talking to students from all over Europe in the project „Next Normal – We study@home„. Among other things, we will discuss how universities should act to help students to continue their studies „normally“ despite the difficult and unfamiliar circumstances.

On this topic, Laura Eigbrecht, Patricia Bonaudo and I have been invited to give a lecture at the University:Future Festival 2020 to present our podcast projects. The University:Future Festival will take place on 6-8 October 2020 completely digitally, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)!

Time: 07.10.2020 – 14:00-14:30

Here you can find the registration form and the programme of the festival!

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