Transferworkshop Future Skills

Interdisciplinary, future orientation and social transfer – these were the topics of the transfer workshops of Creative Labs Ruhr. On March 23, 2021, I gave a keynote at one of these workshops and the documentation of it is now published.

<<ENGLISH>> At this series of workshops the question of how we can prepare for a tomorrow that we do not know and that, above all, does not always develop in a linear and predictable way was addressed. My suggestion in this regard is as follows: „We must focus university teaching more strongly on questions for which there are no right or wrong answers, even in the academic disciplines. We need to promote students‘ ability to shape their own lives, even under VUCA conditions, and make it possible to experience perspective-taking and negotiation processes. And in the first place, we need to develop constructs for future skills that are empirically and educationally grounded in order to be able to promote them sustainably.“
More information about my Future Skills study can be found on my website.

The 17 Future Skills Profiles gave rise to exciting discussion points that extended, among other things, to the question of social values and positioning, for example in relation to responsibilities and sustainability.

You can watch the documentation of my keynote here:

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