PREPRINT: Reconstructing subjective study experiences during shutdown in pandemic times

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<<ENGLISH>> The article reports on a qualitative study based on interviews with students systematically conducted online since March 2020. A total of 13 individual and eleven group interviews on the personal study situation during the Corona shutdown have been conducted, analysed and evaluated. The interviews provide information on subjective quality preferences and quality requirements for higher education, on the basis of which quality potentials for current and future higher education teaching and learning can be formulated. Furthermore, students articulate their understanding of and requirements for participation in a differentiated manner in the interviews. A growing awareness of the quality of higher education teaching seems to go hand in hand with a greater desire to help shape it in a participatory way. Furthermore, students describe their own study strategies. The current study situation leads to increased demands for self-regulation, self-learning and self-organisation skills at the individual level. The students‘ perspectives provide insights into how they subjectively reconstruct and classify the experiences they have made, what conclusions can be drawn from this for future higher education and how higher education institutions must evolve in order to support students in the best possible way. In addition to numerous challenges, the pandemic has brought forth the potential of students to shape and reflect on their learning processes in a self-determined and self-organised way and to contribute as experts to shaping the future of higher education.

You can find the full article in the document below.

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