In our upcoming ENCORE+ Circle event, focused on Quality on European Open Educational Resources, we will present and discuss our findings so far.

Since the first circle events we have not only started a survey where we have asked several experts about their statements, fears and hopes for OER in Europe, but have also organized a workshop series with important stakeholders of OER Repositories.

In this workshop we have started to develop the European open and community-led quality review framework for OER and open education which will result in a consensus based and integrated European OER quality paradigm and assurance mechanism to increase impact of repositories to their communities. In order to do so we will identify the key quality concerns for future OER repositories, communities and users.

From March to July our workshop series will take place in four events with a Thematic Peer Working Group that is mainly focusing on Quality on OER Repositories. We will discuss the current state and possibilities of OER access, collect good practices and find practical assumptions for repositories to improve themselves. Our goal is to use our results and key conclusions to develop an Overarching Framework for the quality approaches on OER.

Join our Circle Event on May 5th and learn more about our results and further plans for OER Quality in Europe.

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